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Got updated firewall and few other security settings, they are not awful strict to avoid locking you out by mistake.

However if you have problems let me know...
What's the chances of getting some goods out of Mexico during a cruise I have planned? I have some friends that have brought back other prescription meds without any issues when coming back in. I also have a script for test and didn't know if it was possible to stock up there and bring it back with the script. I know I am only alloted a certain amount per month and the pharmacy will NOT turn loose of any more until I have run out so I have no idea the protocol about buying abroad. Any ideas would be helpful and appreciated....
Well I'm sitting in 2000 ft of water in the middle of the gulf but I'm here. 8)
I just had my second shoulder surgery about 4 months ago, it was on the other arm not both the same arm. I had surgery a few years ago for a torn rotator cuff tendon and a slap lesion and that is exactly what I just had on the other shoulder. Surgery was 3 hours operating, 4 anchors implanted, and 8 nice scars around my whole shoulder. Now I have matching surgeries! One thing I am doing different this time is I am not going to PT, I am doing it on my own. I think this time recovery is going faster because I know what to expect and what to do so it isnt all new to me. Im back in the gym after 6 months off, 4 months post surgery and 2 months pre surgery. I just started lifting the weights this week starting with a whopping 10lbs for all exercises, I get to bum it up 10lbs each month for the next few months and then I can go all out if I want to. I am gonna take it slow and easy. Im also gonna restructure my workout routines to avoid more injuries. I will figure out how to get real big without having to destroy my body to do it. Just takes time.

Hey everyone, I was a member here awhile back but my account got deleted with the upgrading. I have been around for awhile and I used to admin a board and I was a mod on several others. I see alot of faces I know here and the board looks great. I will definitely be here more often.

I would like to draw your attention, (esp Grim) to www.privatedemail.net. I don't know if anyone has used them, or heard about their track record, but they look pretty attractive as an alternative to safemail (compromised) or other encrypted email services hosted in the US.
They are hosted out of Germany, encrypted, and allegedly do not comply with request to invade their user's privacy. Unfortunately you do need to use a third party POP3 email client to access it.
Comments, thoughts, from those more knowledgeable than myself about cyber security?
Well, as of Jan 1st (if we are still here) I am going to be starting my work up toward tha PAN American BJJ championship. lots of training that Im looking forward to.
Just wanted to say hey to everyone. Very nice board you guys have here still getting used to it.