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Sadly it appears that boldenone even in a lower dose is affecting my prostate and I have kind of a lot of it. I'm only rly interested in nandrolone (any ester, ONLY FROM BOARD VENDORS) or cash. GH I guess, maybe but probably not... here's what I have:

4x 10mL DYEL EQ 500 - this shit is smooth as fuck for such a high concentration
4x 20mL Bold Cyp 200/mL brewed by board member dukec
2x 10mL EQ 250/mL I got these in a trade with one of the board mods, there's no brand on the label can find out more info if you need but it's not from a rando.

Periodization is a common way to focus on specific training adaptations. For example, a traditional periodization scheme would have a high- repetition strength-endurance phase, followed by a moderate-intensity, high-volume hypertrophy phase, and finishing with a high-intensity, low-volume strength or power phase. Because of the adaptive specificity of such training phases, it is thought that some desired adaptations such as power may be lost during the fatiguing high-volume hypertrophy phase. Cluster sets are a method of performing sets with a brief rest period in the middle of the set, resulting in multiple shorter sets, or “cluster” sets. What if cluster sets could prevent the decline in rep velocity and allow the lifter to maintain power while also building muscle?


Researchers from the Czech Republic, Australia, and the U.S. recently collaborated to see whether subjects could actually lift heavier weights using cluster sets while still maintaining time under tension (for hypertrophy), peak power, and work output. They had 12 strength-trained men perform three sets of 12 squats, using three different set structures: traditional sets with 60% 1RM (TS), cluster sets of four reps with 75% 1RM (CS4), and cluster sets of two reps with 80% 1RM (CS2).


The cluster-set approach allowed heavier weight to be lifted than traditional sets while resulting in similar declines in rep velocity. Additionally, using heavier weight led to slower rep velocity but resulted in greater total work and time under tension.


Cluster sets can be used to lift heavier weight for a given number of reps, resulting in greater workout output without sacrificing power or time under tension.


Break any set of 12 into...
what do you guys think about this combo? RBC is an issue with both of these more than most other AAS. 100mg of bold cyp is low but I wonder if mixed w 200mg tren create a synergy. Plus I think I will pin it every 5th day. I need some winstrol in there I think.
I have noticed that coughing can occur when using gear other than tren. I am currently doing a test and dbol cycle, 2250mg test cyp per week and 75mg dbol on training days. I did a shot of 750mg of Test cyp the other day and got that feeling like I get when I do tren, it wasn't as strong or pronounced as it is with tren but it was there and gave me a slight cough. I got the taste on the tip of my tongue my head got tingly and itchy and I got that light feeling you get when you know your about to cough then I actually got a slight cough a couple of times and it was done, lasted just a couple mins total. I hadn't noticed it before when I do only test but I haven't done 3ml of Test in a single shot all by itself before, always mixed with something else but this cycle is 3cc of Test Mon, 3cc Wed, 3cc Fri.

From this experience I can say that tren is not the only gear that will make you cough but I can say with a good amount of confidence that it does amplify the cough. Now I have read people do tren alone and get no cough at all so I am wondering if it is the combination of Test and tren that cause it or if it is actually the test causing it and the tren making it worse???!!! I have never done tren by itself before so I can't draw on personal experience with it as to coughing with just tren or not but I think that test will give a cough and you may not notice it until you get to real high doses by itself and when adding tren to test makes what might be a slight unnoticeable cough at 250mg into a dreaded hacking experience.

Maybe someone can lend experiences with the gear cough without tren involved.

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MyFridgeFood - Cauliflower Crust

Actually tastes pretty damn good... I added EVO, garlic, chicken, basil, artichoke and feta cheese