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Without a doubt—the barbell squat is an awesome, basic exercise for igniting mass and strength gains in the quads. Some of the biggest thighs ever seen in the world of bodybuilding (think of Platz, Coleman, Greene, and Warren) were created with this movement serving as the foundation of their leg-training programs.

But most guys (and gals) who swear by the superiority of barbell squats are almost always perfectly built for the movement, easily allowing for perfect technique, a full range of motion, optimal torso positioning, and more direct targeting of the quads’ musculature. For many others, this exercise is awkward and uncomfortable, and it results in greater butt and lower-back stimulation and stress than anything else—no matter how carefully each rep is executed.

As an example, I worked quite diligently on perfecting my form on barbell squats for my first 10 years of training, eventually working up to sets of 10 to 12 textbook reps with 405 pounds (not much weight for some, but it was an increase of more than 350 pounds from where I began).

Did my quads become massive from my loyalty to the barbell squat? Unfortunately, the answer is no. They got a little bigger, for sure, but my glutes always grew disproportionately (not a good look), and my lower back took quite a wicked beating (resulting in more than one painful injury). It was not until I decided to scrap the barbell squats and switch over to hack, sissy, and machine squats (as well as various types of leg presses) that my legs finally began to take on significant development. The key difference was that I was able to feel these movements to a far greater degree in the target muscles and put much more mental focus and intensity into every rep of every set.

Still, I do recommend every new lifter give the...
Fresh out of high school in 1983, Jimmy John Liautaud started a sandwich shop in an Illinois garage. The shop has since grown to almost 3,000 stores—with plans to build up to 5,000 in the near future—and Liautaud is still the chairman of the board.

Today Jimmy John’s is known for fast and efficient delivery and satisfying, stacked sandwiches. Stores are locally owned, and they strive to gather vegetables from local sources and use only quality cold cuts—all U.S. raised with no hormones—with minimal ingredients, none artificial, that are sliced fresh daily. Their French bread is baked every day, timed so it’s no more than four hours
old when you get your sandwich.

For good eats, you get to choose from sandwiches categorized as Slims, 8-inch Subs, Giant Clubs, and the J.J. Gargantuan, in the standard styles using ham, roast beef, turkey, tuna salad, and Italian cured meats like salami and capocollo. As you go down the list, they get bigger and start mixing the meats together until you get to the Gargantuan, which is basically every option on the menu crammed into a French bread bun, which clocks in at 1,135 calories and 54 grams of fat. You won’t find any healthy sides if you need a little variety, since your choices are chips, cookies, or a dill pickle, the last of which is your best bet. You’ll get plenty of sodium, but hey, you’ll sweat that out anyway.

Basically, sticking to the leaner meats like roast beef and turkey, nixing the mayo, and letting them scoop some bread out of the middle of the top half (which is standard operating procedure) will get you the most nutrition for your buck. Though Jimmy John’s offers only a few main ingredients and no nutrient-dense options on the side, one of its sandwiches can be a good choice for quick and fairly clean fuel to help maximize your gains.


Look for foods with protein for sustained energy and some carbohydrates to fuel muscle—stay away from fatty and calorie-heavy foods....
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so I am not on cycle but still looking pretty damn good off I may say so. I am currently 186lbs and gaining. In the middle of my winter bulk naturally.
I tend to not need AAS’s during the winter because I am eating more and working out a lot more because the weather sucks.
But I will be running a cycle this spring and summer.

The only thing I am running 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off is 24 hour levemir Insulin. I are Running 10 IU every 24 hours. I am living proof you can use Insulin safely and with out gaining a shit Ton of fat. I have Been running Insulin for 2 months now.

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what up fellas. I’ve been on the keto diet the last 8 weeks for a cut and I’m down 26 pounds. I’m still at about 22 percent bf but was maybe considering moving to a ckd diet. Really missing my carb fueled muscle pumps and would like to throw an oral in the mix of my test only cycle right now but it’d be pointless to add an oral without having any carbs. What’d you guys think? Any experience with the cyclical keto diet while dropping body fat? Thanks in advance.
7 tren a
11 test e
2 test c
8 mast e
1 dbol
1 Winnie
5 cut stack
10 test p
1 tren e
2 tren no ester
2 injectable dbol/adrol
A friend of mine let his dog out to do his business and the poor guy tried to get a drink of water out of his frozen water bowl and his tongue stuck to the ice and he panicked ripping his tongue out had to be put to sleep. I have heated water bucket outside and keep my dog inside at night.
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