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Hi atexfamilyfuncentree,

Welcome to Enhance Genetics.
this is gonna be a collaboration between noslabs.com and bloodline-industries.com

Both companies are very legit and i have tried their products:


- Dienolone Enanthate or Dienolone Phenylpropionate (depending on synthetization process)

- Desoxy-testosterone Acetate

- Trendiol Acetate (Trenbolone precursor)

- Mastdiol Propionate (Masteron precursor)

- Dienolone Base


- Methylstenbolone

- Alpha-1

- Superdiol (Superdrol precursor)

- D-Bol-Oxime (Dianadrol)

- Anadrol-Oxime (Oxi-Bombs)

- M-Trendiol (M-Tren precursor)


- Dien-TD

- 11-KT-TD

- Desoxy-TD

Comin soon…

- Trendiol-TD

- Mastdiol-TD

- 6-Bromo-Test
Hi SlavikTweds,

Welcome to Enhance Genetics.
Fuel your recovery process to increase size, strength and speed with this novel ingredient.

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This training approach from IFBB pro & Animal athlete Derek Lunsford will help you maximize hypertrophy and minimize injury.

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Chris Lund

What’s the best “big lift” you can do for the upper body? If your gut reaction says either bench press or military press, perhaps you need to start focusing a bit more on pulling than pushing. Truth is, the classic barbell row will give any upper-body exercise a run for its money in terms of developing pure strength and piles of muscle. In fact, most reputable trainers would probably tell you upper-body pulling movements should be prioritized over presses in your program. Why? Because, chances are, your shoulders are hunched at least slightly forward due to guys’ press-happy nature in the gym, plus all the posture-destroying texting, typing, and driving people do, which sets the shoulders even further forward.

If rows aren’t currently a focal point of your training, it’s time they get there—and fast. This one basic movement (rowing) can be done any number of ways for a bigger, broader, more badass back. Here are six of those ways.

Chris Lund


DEFINING DIFFERENCES: This is your classic back-thickening move - the reference point for any free-weight row. The weight is heavy, the palms are facing back (pronated), the torso is somewhere between 45 degrees and parallel with the floor (depending on how heavy the weight is), and all you’re thinking about is pulling that bar, with force, up to your stomach while keeping your body stable.

ACTION: Stand holding a barbell with a shoulder-width, overhand grip and your knees slightly bent. Bend over at your waist until your torso is between parallel with and 45 degrees to the floor. Start with the bar hanging straight down toward the floor and your arms extended. Bend your elbows and contract your back muscles to pull the bar up to your stomach, keeping your torso in the same position throughout. Squeeze the contraction at the top, then slowly lower the bar...