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Discussion in 'Rules' started by GRIM, Apr 3, 2014.

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    @ EG have always been in a state of probation...

    Just a reminder.

    We do not just accept and forget.

    First they have to get a key from a high ranking member, than approved by a member of staff, and then live through probation.

    We do not let anyone apply here...
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    Same holds true for vendors. We have people asking all the time if they ca vend here, but if we don't know them or they cannot be vetted by someone we trust highly, they don't get it. And even then some don't get in.

    We take in consideration how long the person's been in business and other sites they may be on. If they are on every form in the world, they may not necessarily be a good fit for us. If they are very small time brewer, they may not be a very good fit for us. We take all of it on a case by case basis and make the best decision we can. Our decisions are always with your security in mind.
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    am i still on probation?

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