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    Here's a simple yet effective routine that you can do utilizing ONLY dumbbells.This type of workout is especially helpful for those that don't have access to a gym for whatever reason,but still want to get in a great workout.Dumbbells are great because you can bring them with you while traveling so you always have access to the iron.

    This is a 3 day a week routine,performed Mon,Wed & Fri with rest days in between and also on Sat & Sunday.If you feel the need,you can do cardio on those days as well.

    Also,this is only a guide and can be switched up any way you like in terms of exercises,sets/reps,etc.There is no "perfect" routine,nor should anyone ever stick to the same routine for too long so feel free to modify this any way you like.

    All Exercises done 3 Sets of 10 Reps

    Monday Workout:

    Rear Dumb Lunge
    Incline Flyes
    Alternate Hammer Curls
    Lying Triceps Extensions
    Tate Press
    Arnold Press
    Side Lateral Raise

    Wednesday Workout:

    Step Ups
    Decline Bench Lunges
    Palms in Bent Over Rows
    Spider Curls
    Concentration Curls
    Seated Alternate Kickbacks
    Standing One Arm Tri Extension
    Upright Rows

    Friday Workout:

    Stiff Legged Deads
    Walking Lunges
    Flat Bench Presses
    Incline Bench Presses
    One Arm Rows
    Alternating Bi Curls
    Incline Curls
    Standing Kickbacks
    Standing Tri Extension
    Shoulder Presses

    There you have it.Simple,effective and convenient workout for everyone.Remember again,this is only a base and can be modified any way you like.

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    I like this protocol !! Every few weeks I will take a few days to run through a circuit that consists of :

    - All barbell workout
    - All dumbbell workout
    - All machine workout

    It adds some spice to the old regimens and keeps heart rate up !!
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    Glad you like it man.I also like to constantly change things up and this routine is just one more tool in the tool box.Dumbbell workouts were great for me when I was traveling a lot and didnt have access to a real gym.

    Thanks for the personal feedback brother.

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