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doworkBoston Bombers100520doworkPolitics
DaredevilTrump & WorkForce & Meds60481DaredevilPolitics
RS50Obama chastises Senate over failed gun reform amendment86463RS50Politics
GRIMLosing party crying47393GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.FBI Admits Trump Is Right That Muslims Aren’t Being Properly Vetted23364F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Beyond Bernie Sanders: Why we should raise the minimum wage to $1 million an hou46239F.I.S.T.Politics
RockShawnDennis asks good questions.43218RockShawnPolitics
F.I.S.T.Matt Drudge might elect Donald Trump:30200F.I.S.T.Politics
RockShawnObama on a horse with a gun31196RockShawnPolitics
F.I.S.T.Busted! Ted Cruz Number found in DC Madam’s ‘Black Book’1196F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Do cops' lives matter to Obama?20193F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.NYT: Trump Roars Again on Trade — a Victory for White House Economic Nationalists0186F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Nunes ‘Unmasking’ Report Vindicates Trump Claims on Surveillance0185F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMWhy can't we28185GRIMPolitics
GRIMDo you support the Senates immigration Bill?30177GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.Health insurers seek huge price increases as 'affordable' Obamacare36173F.I.S.T.Politics
morreyConservatism and Liberalism24167morreyPolitics
GRIMObama on Syria25164GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.Crackdown: AG Sessions Vows ‘New Era’ at Southern Border0162F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMDid you vote?12159GRIMPolitics
GRIMSmallest spender...20153GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.God, Obama and Post-Constitutional America23152F.I.S.T.Politics
TSizemoreBill of Rights19136TSizemorePolitics
F.I.S.T.Trump SCHOOLS Pompous Saudi Prince: “Has YOUR Country Taken ANY of the Syrian...4121F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMApple, google, uber9115GRIMPolitics
GRIMElection results5114GRIMPolitics
GRIMHillary 2016!17111GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.Texas Leads 15 States in Supporting Trump’s Immigration Order0108F.I.S.T.Politics
ODINSBLOODIndiana passes law to shot cops on personal property.12103ODINSBLOODPolitics
F.I.S.T.Trump: GOP rivals ‘want to start WWIII over Syria,’ should let Russia fight Isla797F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.The real reason Donald Trump is so popular:1295F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMYour Job...1095GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.Trump: Gun laws have ‘nothing to do’ with Oregon shooting1091F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Trump Moves to Stabilize the Obamacare Exchanges089F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMRaw Milk1388GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.Hillary’s Syrian Rebels Arrive In New Orleans087F.I.S.T.Politics
AkhuskerColorado first for legal marijuana1287AkhuskerPolitics
F.I.S.T.Trump: Evidence Suggests Obama Protecting ISIS1186F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.‘Bride of Frankenfood’ Hillary Clinton Suddenly Opposes Biotech’s Favorite Bill:085F.I.S.T.Politics
RockShawnObama reading material? Really!?!1281RockShawnPolitics
F.I.S.T.Barack Obama is not seeking "legacy"480F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.More proof that Obama is a sleeper cell: FBI agent ordered to shut down577F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Ford to invest $1.2 billion in Michigan plants277F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMI support977GRIMPolitics
GRIM2 funny but true!176GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.CNN tried to destroy Donald Trump with vaccine autism question, but...........675F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Trump unveils tax plan that would lower taxes for millions775F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMGreat Question873GRIMPolitics
F.I.S.T.Obama just signed another executive order172F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.We Are Winning Again: Consumer Confidence Booms to Highest Level in 16 Years171F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMFinally a candidate worth voting for071GRIMPolitics
RockShawnThis author thought he was clever871RockShawnPolitics
F.I.S.T.Trump’s plan for ISIS and their captured oil: “I would bomb the sh!t out of ’em!270F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.The top 5 biggest Obamacare fails and why Republicans and Trump should try again to repeal and repla268F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.WINNING: Gallup Reports U.S. Job Creation Index Continues to Hit Record Highs066F.I.S.T.Politics
GRIMSums up my view360GRIMPolitics
morreySupreme court strikes down DOMA rule on prop 8859morreyPolitics
F.I.S.T.CNN caught using crisis actor operative to attack Donald Trump256F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.The “Trump Effect” –Fox News Joins Macy’s On The Losing End of Anti-Trump Effort056F.I.S.T.Politics
RockShawnDifferent perspective on Gun Control355RockShawnPolitics
F.I.S.T.Prominent Libertarians Launch Movement Backing Donald Trump354F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.It Is Their Right, It Is Their Duty, To Throw Off Such Government053F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.George Soros: “We are on the Threshold of a Third World War”052F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.It Is Too Late To Save America, Now You Better Prepare To Save Yourselves251F.I.S.T.Politics
massdigBlame who?348massdigPolitics
F.I.S.T.Austrian newspaper: It’s Time To Discuss Whether Islam Should Be Banned In Europ248F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Big Government FAIL: Percentage of children in poverty has tripled047F.I.S.T.Politics
Vino 1Rodman can stay246Vino 1Politics
F.I.S.T.Largest health insurance company in America financially devastated by Obamacare046F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Ron Paul: Feds Killed Irwin Schiff For Speaking Out446F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Why It Matters If the Dollar Is the Reserve Currency045F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.+107%: Federal Debt Held by Public Has More Than Doubled Under Obama042F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.The FDA & Big Pharma Alliance: Lethal cover ups338F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.The Grand Deception Continues036F.I.S.T.Politics
F.I.S.T.Breaking: Fast and Furious was Secret Program to Ship Arms to Middle East133F.I.S.T.Politics