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F.I.S.T.Ten surprising facts you didn't know about Donald Trump and the Health Ranger:27228F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Obama’s new policy registration may very well have ended all non-GMO agriculture17225F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Major Impact: President Donald Trump’s First 50 Days in Office0220F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Major Impact: President Donald Trump’s First 50 Days in Office0161F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Promises made, promises kept by President Trump - Linda Chambers: Speaking from the right17157F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Here’s Everything Donald Trump Has Done So Far as President0130F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.White House logs show Obama talked to the Russians and Iranian regime advocates…2119F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Democrats Hoped to Hurt Trump, but Raised Suspicions of Obama0111F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Trump’s 2005 Tax Rate Much Higher Than Normal…Even for the Very, Very Wealthy1594F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Many veterans applaud Trump for immigration order387F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Trump Jobs Boom: IBM to Hire 2,000 Vets After Meeting with Prez485F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
morreyBernie more favorable than 45581morreyPolitics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.52% Voters Approve Trump Job Performance — Stat Buried in 2nd-to-Last Graph of S978F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Liberal College Kids are the Biggest Babies675F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Why Do Veterans Support Donald Trump?268F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.DHS to Get $3 Billion For Border Wall, More Agents, Better Cybersecurity258F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Trump says Charter to invest $25 bln in U.S., hire 20,000 workers057F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.40% Drop in Tech Companies Opposing Trump’s Revised Travel Order052F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored
F.I.S.T.Trump Administration Releases Requirements for Border Wall, Starts Requesting Bi050F.I.S.T.Politics Uncensored