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RockShawnIt's HOTTTT!!84430RockShawnNews
F.I.S.T.Black Lives Matter issues MAJOR THREAT to white people over presidential electio44329F.I.S.T.News
GRIMFlag burning trump56305GRIMNews
zaphodF.B.I. Seizes Silk Road, an Online Drug Market, and Makes Arrest37304zaphodNews
GRIMSyngen Scammer41302GRIMNews
GRIMNorth texas steroid smuggling3292GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.This New Label On Food Will Keep You From Getting Poisoned By Monsanto’s Weedkiller2291F.I.S.T.News
HTFUDifference between Modafinil and Adderall28277HTFUNews
F.I.S.T.9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open61269F.I.S.T.News
PaulrockrRIP FRIEND...must read for all members39255PaulrockrNews
GRIMTransgender athletes and gear7252GRIMNews
GuestCalifornian steroid user arrested.29248GuestNews
TorresYet Another Bust !!!20246TorresNews
GRIMUrge all to start going to monero2227GRIMNews
GRIMSupplement recall2225GRIMNews
MuscleAddictionCops bust Portland steroids ring ties to China...BIG BUST16222MuscleAddictionNews
F.I.S.T.Cop ‘Roid Rage: Are Steroids Behind the Worst Police Abuses?3210F.I.S.T.News
GRIMMP Research20204GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.No Whites Allowed: Seattle ‘Yoga Class for People of Color’ Excludes Caucasians7199F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.“F*ck Yo Flag:” Black Activists Desecrate U.S. Flag In Front of Vets10199F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Raw Milk Farmer Jailed for Removing Gov’t Surveillance Cameras from Own Property5198F.I.S.T.News
GRIMNSA Backdoor1197GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.Texas Sheriff Urges Residents to Arm Themselves Amid Gun Control Push6196F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.DNA tests say Subway’s Oven-Roasted Chicken is actually 50% soy product5194F.I.S.T.News
RockShawnRockShawn on vacation32193RockShawnNews
RockShawnPhil Robertson of Duck Dynasty gets booted24193RockShawnNews
zaphodGdl banned again at17191zaphodNews
F.I.S.T.College professor implicated in large North Texas illegal steroid distribution r4190F.I.S.T.News
halfnattyI'm back what's up everyone!!10184halfnattyNews
GRIM10th Arrest made18184GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.Big Pharma Giant Guilty of Selling Tainted Children’s Tylenol – Knowingly Read2184F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Jailed David Jenkins must repay £100,000 from steroids trade0184F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Everyone’s Juicing6183F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Coca-Cola ‘Pays Scientists to Protect Sugary Drinks, Junk Food’0183F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for ‘Lying About Roundup-Cancer Link’0182F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Kurt Russell Blasts Gun Control Push: “I think it’s absolutely insane”12179F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Kellogg’s Sales Plummet Again in 8th Decline of Last 9 Quarters0178F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Monsanto is an evil company that doesn’t care about you or the environment0176F.I.S.T.News
GRIMOnline Steroids Dealer0174GRIMNews
sportsfreakWhat's your thoughts on this?? Hitler reborn??!28172sportsfreakNews
F.I.S.T.Navy SEAL Confirms: Thousands of Elite Pedophiles Arrested - Media Blackout8172F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Huge: Séralini Wins Defamation and Forgery Court Cases over GMO Research0170F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Federal Judge Upholds Mexican GM Ban after over ‘100 Appeals by Biotech’0168F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Texas: Med Board lets DEA sneak peeks at patient records2167F.I.S.T.News
GRIMCaffeine overdose kills teen1167GRIMNews
RockShawnEmail from Big D pharma17165RockShawnNews
GRIMGiants triple a picture popped for steroids0163GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.Documents suggest EPA official helped Monsanto protect reputation amid glyphosate concerns0163F.I.S.T.News
GRIMtougher drug crime prosecution0163GRIMNews
GRIMDick butkus on steroids1163GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.The Curse Of Financially Polluted GMO Study Data – 672 Research Papers Reviewed0159F.I.S.T.News
LittleTomPrince Died of Opioid Overdose19158LittleTomNews
GRIManother bust0156GRIMNews
GRIMSteroids blamed in death...16156GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.Children Are Vanishing At An Alarming Rate In This Small Town - PedoGate In America3156F.I.S.T.News
jurgensplurgenPostal Package Profiling: Watch Out!!8156jurgensplurgenNews
LittleTomKimbo Slice Dead At 428154LittleTomNews
F.I.S.T.Crack, steroids and a taxi – ‘successful’ month for RCMP0154F.I.S.T.News
GRIMLoophole closing9153GRIMNews
GRIMSS Disability21152GRIMNews
GRIMSandy Hook Report20151GRIMNews
GRIMNews article on DNP3151GRIMNews
GRIMDisgraced Police officer0149GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.Superior Labs Busted8149F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Caving to Public Pressure: Big Food Brand Campbell ‘Moving to GMO-Free, Organic’0148F.I.S.T.News
GRIMBiker associate pleads guilty0148GRIMNews
GRIMNot My Bacon17147GRIMNews
GRIMEuropean supermarket busted0146GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.School Bans ‘Offensive’ America Day Celebration11145F.I.S.T.News
GRIMCoach busted0144GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.STATEN ISLAND man busted being caught receiving steroid shipment - ghg316 busted8143F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Positive steroid test by Marlins’ Dee Gordon illustrates doping is not just abou0140F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Anti-anxiety and sleeping drugs found to double the risk of death11137F.I.S.T.News
GRIMThe couple that....0136GRIMNews
GRIMHattiesburg bust0136GRIMNews
RockShawnUS Navy shifts destroyer in wake of North Korea missile threats0136RockShawnNews
RockShawnN. Korea approves nuclear strike on US18133RockShawnNews
GRIMAxio/Gen XX17132GRIMNews
GRIMSomeone shoot this fuck15131GRIMNews
EGBOTControlled steroid delivery ends in arrest.9129EGBOTNews
GRIMTuna Recall1128GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.Black Lives Matter under fire as a 'hate group'16127F.I.S.T.News
RockShawnBEWARE of new and popup companies13126RockShawnNews
F.I.S.T.Agenda-funded medical scams exposed: Yes, doctors receive “kickbacks”0126F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.CIA Director’s AOL Account Hacked by US Teen2124F.I.S.T.News
GRIMFor Those Who Don't Remember14122GRIMNews
EGBOTBulgarians who though they were smuggling steroids get death sentence in Malaysia.13122EGBOTNews
GRIMNorth Korea Launched!7121GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.CK Labs busted its official8121F.I.S.T.News
F.I.S.T.Obama’s Nominee to Head the FDA Has Very Deep Ties to the Pharmaceutical Industr0121F.I.S.T.News
Buck20 kids killed19121BuckNews
F.I.S.T.Uncle Z U.S. Remailer Jailed for 17 Years for Distributing Anabolic Steroids7118F.I.S.T.News
EGBOTDomestic research chemical capsule maker busted for identity theft.17118EGBOTNews
F.I.S.T.Dad gets prison time for selling illegal steroids from Midlothian home11118F.I.S.T.News
GRIMBama Bust9115GRIMNews
F.I.S.T.VA Confirms Whistleblower’s Allegation that Thousands of Vets Died Waiting for C3114F.I.S.T.News
Vicious 13Grim14114Vicious 13News
GRIMWhat a sick fuck!12112GRIMNews