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Intermittent fasting is simply cycling your eating patterns with periods of fasting. There are three types of intermittent fasting that have been studied considerably: alternate-day fasting, whole-day fasting, and time-restricted feedings.

Alternate-day fasting is when you fast for 24 hours and then feed for 24 hours. Whole-day fasting is when there are one to two days of complete fasting with zero calories. Time-restricted feedings require fasting for 16 to 20 hours and then feeding for four to eight hours. Alternate-day fasting is the most studied and promising for weight loss because you don’t increase your calorie intake on feeding days. Most successes revolve around an overall decrease in caloric intake, but research has mixed results when it comes with maintaining lean body mass during weight loss.

Studies have shown that whole-day fasting is the least reliable intermittent-fasting strategy. Research has shown that after six months of whole-day fasting, the results weren’t positive compared with a regular diet’s.

Time-restricted feedings, like those done during Ramadan (when Muslims fast completely from sunrise to sunset for one month), are the most studied type of intermittent fasting. Weight loss was certain but at the cost of lean body mass. More recent studies looked beyond the Ramadan fasting. One in particular that examined 16-hour and eight-hour fasting cycles for eight weeks showed significant fat mass loss while maintaining lean body mass.

Intermittent fasting may have a seat at the table with athletes, but it should be well-planned. It’s also highly recommended to be supervised by a registered dietitian nutritionist and possibly a team, which may include a psychologist, a primary care physician, and a personal trainer.

To maintain lean muscle mass during...

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We think of muscles as parts. But skeletal muscles themselves consist of many thousands of tiny parts called fibers. Crucially, fibers—which are one to four inches long—rarely run the length of any muscle you train. Therefore, an exercise that stresses fibers near a muscle’s top won’t activate fibers near the bottom. Diverse angles of attack are necessary to stimulate as many fibers as possible and goad them toward growth, and no methodology hits your muscles in more ways each workout than small-angle training.


Over the past four decades, Charles Glass has established himself as bodybuilding’s preeminent trainer with what is popularly called angle training. This is a constantly morphing assault using subtle changes in the positioning of bodies and equipment. But what if you took that and cranked it up to 11? What if no two sequential sets were ever alike, and your overriding mission was to hit fibers from as many angles as possible? Welcome to small-angle training.

With small-angle training, each set of an exercise is performed differently in a sequence of typically four to six sets. You might change the grip, the stance, the angle of a bench, or the positioning of equipment, like the height of a cable pulley. Ideally, this is a progression from harder to easier, such as dumbbell chest presses that go from a high incline to a low incline to flat to a low decline to a high decline. In that way, you can use the same weight as you progress, and with adequate rest between sets, you can get the same or more reps each time.

Let’s go over a small-angle progression for pulldowns. Start with a wide grip. The next set use a shoulder-width grip. Then switch to a parallel grip on a medium-length bar. Finally, clip on a V-handle for your final set. The changes in...
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At 38 years old, having earned a place on two U.S. Olympic teams, a Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix title and a UFC light heavyweight championship, Daniel Cormier had nothing left to prove to the world. But after losing a second fight to Jon Jones in July of last year, he had no intention of leaving the sport. He just didn’t know what was next.“When you put that much into a fight and to lose, it sucks,” said Cormier. “I was very hurt, I cried in the Octagon. I’ve watched that, and I say I would do the same thing. That’s who I am. I’m Daniel Cormier ... Read the Full Article Here

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adrenaline hydrochloride
phenylephrine hydrochloride
Trestolone Acetate (Ment)
Trestolone Decanoate
Trestolone Enanthate
methandrial dipropionate
Dymethazine dimethazine DMZ
Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione (Tren)
Trenavar (TRENDIONE)
5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin
"(6-OXO, 4-AT)
Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-trione (arimistane)
7-keto DHEA
"Methyl-1-AD, alpha-1

Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA)
Megesterol Acetate
Lorcaserin Hydrochloride
Furazabol (Miotolan)
raloxifene hydrochloride
Tacrolimus 10gram
Furosemide / Lasix
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide

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