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Amp up your fiber intake with these tasty breakfast dishes. As delicious as they are nutritious, each provides 5 g or more of dietary fiber while weighing in at 500 calories or less. But the good news doesn’t stop there! Fiber can help with weight management and blood sugar control, making these healthful breakfasts extra friendly to your waistline. So go ahead, rise, shine and reap the benefits. afeeds_feedburner_com__r_recipes_healthy_diet__4_Ch_PdrBf4gs_.gif

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Make the most of lean protein and fresh vegetables with these fast and easy stir-fry suppers. afeeds_feedburner_com__r_recipes_healthy_diet__4_lb0w6mz_3fQ_.gif

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This was my second Olympia, and it felt totally different from my first. Last year, nobody cared about me. I was unknown, so I could just enjoy it. This time there was pressure. Some people were rooting for me to do well; others wanted to see me fail.

I had done a guest spot in Northern Ireland a few weeks earlier, and a few people told me I wasn’t in shape and was too far behind. I also put pressure on myself to do better.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, I was pleased with my progress. I had made the gains I wanted in my quads, hams, and back. People noticed them. Coming into the show, I was dry—but I wanted to bring that full look because it was the Olympia, where size counts.

When I got the second callout during pre-judging, I knew I could have been anywhere from fourth to 10th. I was nervous at first, but as they moved us around during the comparisons, I saw others fade while I got stronger. I always seem to get stronger during contests. At the finals on Saturday, I relaxed and took things in stride.

To finish seventh at the Olympia is amazing. A lot of people told me I should have gotten top five, but I proved I could hang with the best, and I’m moving in the right direction. Every time you see me, I’ve improved. Last year I was 12th. All I have to do to get into the top four or five is to bring 10% more. Last year I think I improved by 30%, so I don’t see why I can’t bring another 10%. Everything is balanced now. Maybe I need a little more back thickness. If I can do that, I’ll be in the top five.

There was some talk about whether Phil Heath should have won. As far as I’m concerned, Phil is a worthy champion. It was lights-out. Nobody could stand near him.

A week after the Olympia I came in fifth at the Arnold Classic Europe. It was my first Arnold, and I was sharp. I believe I should have been third. Shawn Rhoden’s chest and back weren’t there, and my front lat spread and front double biceps took him out. I also felt I beat Roelly Winklaar on...
Valentina Lequeux hasn’t always been someone who lived a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her lowest point may have come when a relationship of five years ended. “I became very depressed and wasn’t eating properly. This was the lowest point I found my weight—I was 113 pounds at a height of 5'8", so you can imagine how malnourished I was.” After some soul-searching, she dedicated herself to the gym but wasn’t aware of the importance of nutrition until she met her coach and future husband, Luis.

Per Bernal

“He is my coach and nutritionist, and he also knows how to push my buttons, in the wrong way and the right way,” Lequeux says. “The gym is where he is no longer my husband and just my coach. He breaks me in there every time and has no remorse for me. This is what my type of character needed, someone to push me around in the gym and test my limits.”

Lequeux has taken her newfound knowledge and passion to new heights, as seen by her 700,000-plus followers on Instagram. She is still adjusting to her new levels of success and notoriety. “I don’t really feel popular or known until someone stops me on the street for a photo, which is so strange to me—I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it,” she says. “I think I project an honest image. I really try to portray me in the raw, if you will, and be completely transparent with my beliefs and my knowledge.”

Per Bernal

She is set to launch her new website (fitbyvalen.com) and YouTube channel, hoping it helps even more people succeed as she has. “I’ll provide people with several options of personal coaching—with me by your side along the way. Or you can purchase a different plan where you can take general nutrition advice, recipes, supplement advice, and daily workouts for a more on-your-own approach.”